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Charger Lipo 300Mah Variable USB With JST Connector
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Charger rate 10 - 300
Connector Molex
Power supply 5V USB

This variable charger can be set to charge at the following mah rates by connecting the jumper to two sets of pins. The LED glows red while it is charging and then turns off when the battery is fully charged. With a Molex connector it is perfect for charging a range Nanotech batteries with the commonly referred to "JST" plugs (which are actually Molex 2P plugs)

Charge rates which can be set with the Dip switches
10 - 75 Mah
75 - 150 Mah
150 - 300 Mah

This charger is also suitable for charging the type of heli and quad batteries as shown in the image below.


Holiday Notification

7th Dec - 26th Dec
Orders received between these dates will be sent on the 27th December

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