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EPP 7mm Sheet 60cm x 40cm
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Durobatics White 0.5mm sheets


Length 60cm
Width 40cm
Thickness 7.0mm
Colour White
Specification EPP 1.5
Sheet Weight 46 grams

EPP stands for expanded polypropylene. It is very tough and when bent it resists breaking making it perfect for model plane construction. EPP also retains its shape if torn and the two pieces can be glued back together without noticing the torn area. For best results, use a foam safe glue such as UHU Por or Kuaiganjiao glue. EPP foam is very popular for the construction of f3p and 3D planes but requires strengthening with carbon rods to give it strength and assist in holding its form.

Price: $22.50
(per sheet)

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

Postage Costs
Postage for orders with large EPP sheets defaults to $39.50AUD to cover international orders.

For Australian orders we will refund part of your postage amount after you purchase.
Indicative Pricing
ACT - $25 AUD
QLD - $18 AUD
NSW - $22 AUD
VIC - $25 AUD
SA - $25 AUD
WA - $29 AUD
TAS - $29 AUD
NT - $29 AUD




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