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ESC Brushed Micro 2S 8A Wired
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3Amp ESC Unit XP3A


Length 33mm
Width 8mm
Height 7mm
Continuous 8 Amps
Burst 15 Amps
Voltage 6.0-9.6v
Weight 5.6grams
with leads

This brushed ESC can supply a powerful 8Amps of continuous and 15amps burst current. The units come pre-wired so they are a simple plug n play solution. The connector is a standard JST BCE connector commonly used on 2S Lipo batteries.

Note: The UBEC supplies 5Volts at 3Amps so you must ensure your receiver can run on 5 volts. Many micro receivers are only suitable for 1S power (3.7 volts)



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