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GearDrive 4mm Experimenter Kit
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Motor 4mm 13ohm
Pinion M0.3 9T
Pins 0.74mm
Spacer 1008Brass
Prop Adapter M0.3
Spur #1 36T
Spur #2 48T
Spur #3 60T
Spur #4 81T

With this 4mm experimenters kit you can build any of the geardrives shown below.

* Propeller is not included in the kit. Please see the list of suitable propellers to the right.

Ratio 4:1 Ratio 5.33:1 Ratio 6.66:1
Ratio 9:1 Ratio 12:1 Ratio 16:1

Kit Contents
1 x 4mm Translator
1 x 4mm 13Ohm Motor
2 x Washer 0.7x2.2 x 0.25mm
1 x Didel Brass Bearing 1808
2 x Shaft - 0.74mm Diameter
1 x Prop Adapter For Mod 0.3 Gears
1 x Gear Mod 3 - 9 teeth - 0.61mm bore
2 x Gear Mod 3 - 12/36 teeth - 0.69mm bore
1 x Gear Mod 3 - 12/48L teeth - 0.76mm bore
1 x Gear Mod 3 - 12/60L teeth - 0.78mm bore
1 x Gear Mod 3 - 12/81L teeth - 0.78mm bore

Prop adapter fits neatly over the hub gear of Mod0.3 spur gears.
Glue the desired carbon propeller to the hub with CA glue.

Glue the base of the hub only to the spur gear with CA glue
* Propeller is not included in kit.

Price: $65.95

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

Suitable Propellers
CF Prop 80mm
CF Prop 100mm
CF Prop 120mm
GF Prop 120mm