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Gearbox 6mm Rod Mount
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Weight 2.46grams
Motor Dia 5.96mm
Motor length 14.06mm
Total height 22.4mm
Ohm Rating 2.4 Ohms
Drive Shaft 9.6mm
Drive Shaft Dia 0.97mm
Spur Gear Dia 14.5mm
Spur Gear No 48 tooth
Pinion Gear No 9 tooth
Prop Connector none
Wires 100mm
Gears Mod0.3

A 6mm geardrive with a rod mountable frame. This frame is very light due to the fact that the standard base mount has been removed and replaced with a 1.5mm bore hole for mounting on a carbon rod.

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