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Lighting System MWLD01D Circuit Board
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Weight 0.48grams
Length 23.9mm
Width 11.3mm
Height 2.47mm
Voltage 3.1 - 6.0v
manual Manual

The MWLD01D aircraft lighting system has been specifically developed by MicronWings for use in micro aircraft with particular attention paid to the overall weight of the completed unit. The trim pot on the board enables the brightness to be set to the desired level.

1. The standard method of wiring is for one LED to be wired to each output channel. However, more than one LED can be wired onto each channel, as long as the LEDs are wired in parallel. These LEDs must also have similar forward voltages (ie: Green/Blue/White together, and Red/Yellow/Orange together) Refer to Appendix A for a table of LED voltage values.

2. In regard to point one above, If LEDs are wired in parallel, the current will be shared almost equally among them (ie: if the current is set to 10mA, two leds with the same forward voltage in parallel on one channel will receive about 5mA each)

3. LEDs cannot be wired in series due to the low battery voltage.

4. This system is designed and tested for 3.7 – 4.1 volt operation. However, it has also been tested to sustain no damage when driven at voltages up to than 6.0volts for periods of not more than 15 minutes. The SMD 0805 LEDs attached to it will also not be damaged.

5. The 1mm pitch connectors can be plugged in both ways but will only function correctly when connected with the correct polarity. Although reverse connecting will not damage the unit over short periods of time, we recommend that you check the polarity when first connecting the LEDs and make sure they are connected properly.

6. Components for this product are sourced from Australian distributors such as Radio Spares; Mouser and Digikey and are of reputable brands: International Rectifier, Kamaya, Kemet, ON Semiconductor, Murata. Unit resistors have a 1% tolerance, and the capacitor dielectric is X7R. The circuit boards themselves are produced in China but assembled in Australia.

7. The trim pot allows the brightness to be adjusted to the desired level and although the unit runs incredibly efficiently, current drain on the battery can be greatly reduced but turning down the brightness. The style of trim pot used is a sealed unit and immune to moisture and dust.


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