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Plantraco Brushed 7mm 3.3 Ohm Motor
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7mm DC Motor 3.3 Ohm


Width 7mm
Length 16.5mm
Shaft 1.0mm
Weight 2.9grams
Wires 60mm
Connector micro
Voltage 3.0 - 3.6 volts
Resistance 3.3 Ohms
Brand Plantraco

These are great little motors, and a direct replacement for the SS Orange (they are the same motor) and has a micro connector pre-installed. These motors have long 60mm leads for easy installation and a 1mm Shaft. weight is 2.9g

With a 57 x 20 prop this motor will run cool and put out 9 grams of static thrust.

Price: $6.30

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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