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Motor Brushed 8.5mm x 20mm 2.0 Ohm (Pack of 3)
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Diameter 8.48mm
Length 19.97mm
Shaft Dia 0.95mm
Weight 4.84 grams
Wires 100mm
Connector none
Voltage 3-5 Volts
RPM@3.7V 46500
No Load 98Ma
Resistance 2.0 Ohms
# in pack 3 Motors

A high precision powerful motor with a 0.95mm shaft which makes this motor perfect for fitting up to 1mm prop adapters and savers onto. Also gears with a bore of 0.97mm will fit firmly onto the shaft.

Was: $9.40each

Now: $12.40
(pack of 3)
(NEW Lower Price)

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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