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Motor Brushed 8.6mm x 20mm 2.4 Ohm (Pack of 3)
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Diameter 8.58mm
Length 19.96mm
Shaft Dia 0.95mm
Weight 4.59 grams
Wires 40mm
Connector none
Voltage 3-5 Volts
RPM@3.4V 37500
No Load 70Ma
Resistance 2.4Ohms
# in pack 3 Motors

Low revs compared to other motors this size, and with 2.4 Ohms resistance this is quite a powerful motor.

Rated voltage 3.4V,
Load current 70mA,
Stall current 6.7A, e
Non-loaded speed 37500RPM

75mm FR CR Prop Set with Spinners
Thrust 17.1g, 3.4V/1.45A
Thrust 20.2g, 3.9V/1.73A

55mm x 20mm Propeller
Thrust 17.2g, 3.6V/1.08A
Thrust 19.3g, 4V/1.21A

GWS EP 2508 Propeller
Thrust 18.8g, 3.6V/1.18A

GWS 2510 Propeller
Thrust 15.7g, 3.5V/1.44A
Thrust 17.3g, 3.9V/1.59A

Was: $9.40each

Now: $12.40
(pack of 3)
(NEW Lower Price)

All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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