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Nano-Tech 160Mah Battery With Nine Eagles Connector
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Weight 4.9 grams
Length 45 mm
Width 12 mm
Height 6 mm
Capacity 160 Mah
Voltage 3.7v
Discharge 25 C
Connector Nine Eagles
Maker Turnigy

These Nano-Tech batteries with Nine Eagles connectors are widely used as replacements for the standard batteries supplied with NE planes. They offer better performance and longevity over cheaper cells on the market. Many users report longer battery life, and more power while using these batteries and they also hold their output voltage slightly longer before starting to drop off.

Their real advantage is higher discharge for weight density. These batteries use  a LiCo nano technology substrate complex which makes for a smooth power transfer. This is achieved due to their very efficient oxidation / reduction process which allows the battery to operate with less internal impedance. The power density of these batteries reaches 7.5 kw/kg.

This battery has a single rail not a double rail. Please see the image below. Nine Eagles batteries come in two types so please ensure your battery connector looks like this one shown below.
nine eagles 160mah abttery





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