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Receiver DSMX DSM2 6Ch Brick with ESC
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Band DSMX/2
Weight 7.6 grams
Length 36mm
Width 29mm
Height 8mm
Channels 6 Ch
Onboard ESC 3A

manual Manual

This 6 channel brick receiver features full DSMX/2 compatibility and can be used with the HobbyKing Orange Transmitter, Orange DSMX/2 modules, as well as with Spektrum brand transmitters and other transmitters which support the DSMX / 2 2.4Ghz protocol.

It features an onboard 3 Amp brushless ESC suitable for 2S motors, as well as 6 channels (Ch6 – dual ailerons) and long throw onboard linear servos, making it an all in one solution for park fly size planes.

Product: DSMX/2 Compatible
Channels: 6 (Dual ailerons)
Size: 37.5 x 28.0 x 8.0mm
Weight: 7.8 grams (with connectors and leads)
Operating Voltage: 7.4V (2S) (ESC runs at 2S - Servo ports run at 1S)

Brushless 2S ESC: 3 Amps Constant / 3.9Amps Peak
ESC Protection: 5 Amp or 120 degrees cut-off
Servo: 2 x Long-travel linear servos (9mm stroke)
Servo Speed: 0.14 seconds
Servo Force: 80 grams at 4.2volts

The receiver unit with dual aileron servos set up. Dual aileron servo ports are active and enabled by default making this a truely plug n play unit. Although this is a 2S unit the voltage output for the servo ports is 3.7 volts.

An additional servo can be attached to the channel 5 port here.

This receiver utilises JST SH 1.0mm Pitch connectors.
Any servos with the polarity as shown below can be used on channels 5 or 6.


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